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Thursday, 1 April 2010

Today I'm warming up for the Easter and dying eggs in coffee. Never done it before, so it's kind of a test run.

I'm using the coffee grounds from my coffee machine and adding some fresh coffee as well to make sure I get enough colour out of it. Bought a cheaper brand especially for this occasion. The pot with water and coffee is on the stove and I'm letting it boil for a while.

While the coffee is boiling (the scent!), let's wrap the eggs. This time I'm using strips of an old sheet and different corns. Would have used some leaves and grass too, but the spring is late this year, so no green stuff around yet.

These beauties are ready for a dive in the hot coffee! After boiling for some 12 minutes the eggs are ready.

I've taken them out of the coffee and put into cold water for some 15 minutes. It looks like they have changed the colour indeed! Yay! It works! Ready to unwrap?

I'm using just a little olive oil to make the hues deeper. Just look at the patterns!

On the Easter morning I'm going to dye the eggs in onion skins again - the tutorial from the last year is here. If you trying something of this out, please, share the result. Or if you know some other natural dyes for Easter eggs, let me know - I might try them out :)

To play along and see who else is playing this week visit Kirsty.


  1. they are gorgeous! What colour does the onion skins turn them?

  2. Onion skins make them orange brown or if you have those purple or red onions (not sure how they are called) - even reddish brown with a hint of purple. Onion skins rock!

  3. ooo i saw some white candy coated eggs that i can do this too to make them look real! so many more Easter projects to do and so little time left!

  4. What a great idea with the different kinds of seeds!

  5. these are amazing! they look gorgeous :)

  6. I love the surprise part in this!