Easter eggs

Sunday, 12 April 2009

Happy Easter! Today I was documenting something I'm doing every Easter morning. In fact most of the families I know dye the Easter eggs similar way. Although everyone has his/her own tricks and preferences, I think we can say that these are the eggs Latvian style.

Step 1: Put the pot with water and onion skins (I've collected them the whole winter) on the stove. Let it boil until the water turns reddish brown.

Step 2: Take some rice, corn and different kinds of seeds. Gather some leaves, weed and tiny branches (mine were from the Christmas tree which is still waiting in the corner of the backyard to be reused or burned).

Step 3: Tear an old sheet into stripes and use them to wrap the eggs. Don't forget to put the branches, rice etc. in between.

These eggs are ready for a dive!

Step 3: Putt the eggs into the brown water and let them boil for 12-15 minutes. Since they are wrapped it may take a little longer than usually.

Step 4: Take the eggs out and put them into cold water for some minutes. Ready for a surprise!?

Here's the result. I rubbed the eggs with very little olive oil to let the hue look deeper. Voila! How did you dye your Easter eggs?


  1. My grandmother dyed eggs with onion skins. She didn't use twigs and branches though - that is so pretty!

  2. Beautiful!

    And each one a little package to be unwrapped and revealed - how fun.

  3. The surprise part is best part about the whole process!

  4. what a great idea.
    they have a luminescent quality.

  5. I missed this for Easter but I will try it this weekend. Lovely!

  6. This is the greatest idea ever! Thank you so much for sharing!!! I think I will have to try this now, even though Easter is over! It would be fun to have at a brunch during springtime!

  7. I glad you found it useful :)