It's time to swing!

Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Easter traditions in Latvia are colourful mix of both Christian Easter and pagan spring equinox rites, so if I had to mention just three things about these holidays I'd say - eggs, bunnies and swings. Swinging on Easter is essential! They even say it helps to keep away mosquitoes that summer. Wish it was true, but this can be great excuse (if you need one) for swinging on Easter.

Here is some swinging window shopping on Etsy. Have fun!

Follow your heart - Swinging quietly by krisblues:

SummerVille - Stoneware swing/ ornament with miniature village by elukka:

Lola swings... knitting canvas by okapiknits:

Tree swing - Deer valley architecture green by shivermesplinters:

Let's swing!


  1. I had such fun time browsing your blog. I love painting eggs with onion skins, never tried with coffee. I bet black tea will work just as well.

    Thank you again for showcasing my swinging bunny print. I'm now going back to check your older entries.

    Thank you again and have a great spring!