Monday moodboard - blue

Monday, 26 April 2010

Hello Monday!

One of those things that make Etsy so fun to be around is colour. To be exact - the names of colours. Blue is not just blue. It can be navy, royal, sky, steel, turquoise, cornflower, blueberry, light, dark, midnight, robin's egg, cobalt, dodger, peacock, ocean, petrol, ink... I'm a word addict :)

Moon - one of the kind earrings on sterling silver by laccentnou
New macrame bib style necklace by Cynamonn
Five blue nylon zipper by karuskisupplies
TABY - everyday purse navy blue by ikabags

Monday moodboard is a collection of beauties from my European Street Team members. To play along and see more moodboards hop over to fleurfatale.

This one of mine favourite blues. Which is yours?


  1. Love the bag and the necklace!

  2. I wish my english would be so good to have such a variety of words to describe my blues when I am looking for tags......
    I am always struggling to find the right color

  3. Nice! Turquoise is also nice!Love//

  4. Cool! thank you for featuring my moon earrings! ;)