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Thursday, 25 February 2010

I'm working on something that should eventually become my new line of brooches and I've been teasing you about them already for a while (like here and here), but soon you'll see the result.

The brooches that you see here in progress are inspired by the weekly European Street Team challenge themed birds, but there's still a lot to do including rewashing of the vintage lace I want to use. And I've just discovered that I've run out of jump rings and if by coincidence my local craft shop has run out of them too, then it may take a few days longer. Living in a small town often requires serious planning :)

To play along and see more creative places visit Kirsty.


  1. Sveika!
    Ja nedabū riņķīšus, varu tev aizsūtīt. Man ir rezerves :)

  2. Paldies par piedāvājumu! Vispirms palūkošu tepat veikalā :)

  3. Great shot! Love that colour blue. Can't wait to see the finished item!

    Thanks for sharing your creative space!

  4. That is a lovely shade of blue. Looking forward to seeing how these progress.