Small world

Thursday, 6 August 2009

It's time for the weekly window shopping on Etsy! I know, I know - the title of this blog post is a cliche, but it's oh so true. This week I'm inspired by adornbyamysingley who recently made a lovely treasury around the term local. The artists featured below are located in different parts of our planet - USA, Brazil and Netherlands. But there is so much common: the colour (the most obvious), the sources of inspiration (I'm only guessing - it's nature) AND all these wonderful people participate in Etsy Project Embrace.

Flower serving bowl by OneClayBead:

Coconut discs necklace turquoise and purple by danugs:

Bracelet - turquoise copper belt buckle by Huismus:

Periwinkle-spotted beetle pendant by UnaOdd:


  1. Holy smokes.. these items and their colors are amazing and they all look so good together! :-) Thanks heaps for the feauture!
    Very good to see the EPE-word going around.. xo

  2. This is so beautiful and I totally agree with Huimus, the items look great together!
    It is really a small world when we are embracing and supporting each other!
    Thank you so much for featuring danugs!

  3. Every time I see other artists who work in similar colors or styles I feel like I am meeting kindred souls. This is so lovely, Rasa, and I'm happy to be a part of EPE. Thanks for featuring my bowl.

    Lee (OneClayBead on Etsy)

  4. Wow! These pieces just sing together! Really a lovely glowing grouping. I am honored to be included.

    Thank you also for featuring EPE artists. This tremendous effort is so inspiring. So many people contributing and making a difference.