Animals with superpowers

Monday, 10 August 2009

Here's another treasury that evolved from the weekly window shopping on Etsy - a little more exposure for the featured artists and their creations. And I see it as a kind of creative challenge to expand a small collection of four to the size of a treasury. While I was putting this one together, the previous treasury made to the Etsy front page and this after hours of expiration! A nice surprise from Etsy admin!

Enjoy animals with superpowers (please, read the description of little yellow bear from ememem's shop)!

Featured shops: Huismus, jessjamesjake, OneClayBead, clayswan, ememem, leptitpapillon, danugs, andyeatsonlycandy, XauXau, gretchenmist, 3dots, UnaOdd


  1. Great treasury! I like the colors, a lot and that belt buckle is fantastic.

  2. a beautiful treasury! You are a most talented treasury-maker!

  3. Thank you! You make me blush. There are so many talented Etsians that treasury making is easy (and addictive) :)