Thursday, 23 April 2009

I'm still working on my master thesis, but that doesn't keep me away from the treat of my weekly window shopping on Etsy. Ever since I learned about lomography, I've become more and more fond of it - the approach (or philosophy?) and even more the look. Here's what I've found searching the term 'lomography' on Etsy.

Tulips in the sun by Kristybee. It will take some time until they bloom in my backyard. What about yours?

Can't stop thinking about going somewhere this summer. Why not Lisbon? This photo is so inspiring. Seven Hills by eleanors:

Remember the bicycles from last week? Here's one one more from DripStick:

This is so familiar. That girl in the photo could be me. Cat on back by TheDizzyPixie:

Want more? Here's the link to history and 10 rules of lomography:
And for those who read in Latvian:


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  2. The tulips in my garden are already gone. Beautiful choices, Rasa, I am happy to be included, thanks! I especially like the bicycle with its typical Lomo colors - it reminds me of my own one.

  3. Great post! I'm in Amsterdam and there are several lomo stores that sell all things lomography. So fun! One even includes a lomo gallery.

    Thanks for including my bicycle photo!

  4. This is the first I've heard of lomography - cool! I love that bicycle.

  5. wow, i love the shot of the tulips. and the cat on the back...reminds me of this morning!