I want to ride my bicycle

Thursday, 16 April 2009

Are you ready for a ride? It's time for some window shopping on Etsy. Usually I'm featuring three great finds, but this week I just couldn't decide on three. I want them all.

These lovely magnets can be great inspiration. Don't they make you long for a careless bike ride? Bicycle boys from SayHiBeth:

Safety first. Green apple bike reflector from yabettasupadont:

Free-falling, large elegant bag with adjustable strap would be perfect for your careless bike ride. From LaTouchables:

Can't get enough of bikes? Fun and cute pink bicycle chain bracelet from becktesch:


  1. I love it! The bikes are ready, so...let's go!

    Beautiful post :-) Thanks for including me here!

  2. Cool post, I could go for a bike ride!

  3. Such fun. I like the apple reflector. Have you seen 1byliz on Etsy? She makes wall clocks out of bicycle parts and fun fabrics. Happy riding!

  4. Oh, you're right! I should have added one of her great clocks too :)

  5. I MUST have the bracelet!!!! :0)

  6. Here's to bicycles and riding! Yay! It's bicycle riding season again.