It's in an egg!

Thursday, 9 April 2009

The window shopping doesn't need much explanation this week - I've been searching for some beautiful eggs on Etsy. Happy Easter!

Ceramic nest egg savings bank from mudpuppy:

Mixed pinks mosaic egg from Sigmocaics:

Soft knit Easter eggs from sticktoyourknittin:


  1. Oh, those egg savings banks are unique & gorgeous! Very pretty colors on the soft knitted eggs too! Thank you very much for featuring my mosaic egg here :D

    Kerrin x

  2. I love those knitted ones. The colors are fab. Such a cool idea :)

    xx. mavi

  3. I love mudpuppy, fantastic shop...those are so clever!!

  4. What fun eggs!
    I added the answer to your question to my blog post!