Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Last night there was a heavy thunderstorm and crystal drops still linger in our garden.

Thank you Stephanie!

Friday, 15 July 2011

Before I sign off for the weekend I want to thank Stephanie a.k.a. lacocorouge for bringing my Belle necklace to Etsy frontpage last night.

Stephanie creates bridal, Victorian, circus mini top hats and accessories like this Burlesque Fascinator with Red, Green and Black Highlights:

Have a nice weekend!

Monday moodboard - shade

Monday, 11 July 2011

Hello Monday!

A place in the shade, 6x6 fine art photo, little cafe in a greek island by stephmel
Crochet lavander flower doily by PAPAstore
Retro dandlion clocks 18" pillow cover by charlesandoliver
Plant holder wooden pot by ArtGlamourSligo

Monday moodboard is a collection of beauties made by European Street Team members. To see more moodboards and to play along hop over to Star of the East. It's fun!

Have a great week!

Shop update on Friday

Friday, 8 July 2011

Before I sign off for the weekend here are the finished pieces from yesterday. Lovely Night earrings with lots of blue enamel and blue seed beads. Sprinkled with white and transparent enamel for more dimension. Notice the thin line of darker blue where the beads have fused into enamel. As somebody who has more experience with 2D arts I'm quite thrilled by this 3D result. Made similar pair as a custom order. And liked them too much not to put one pair in my shop.

Here's the limited edition of Belle necklace. Scarlet red polka dots on white enamel are the same as before. The bead is different. Limited edition as there are only a few faceted beads like that in my stock. Listing tonight.

And now I'll go and pick some cherries.

Happy weekend!

My creative space

Thursday, 7 July 2011

It's again about beads, enamels and colours.

I've run out of my beads for Belle necklace and while I'm stocking up (with the right red!) it's time for the limited edition - with faceted ones. The same shade as previous beads, the same shade as enamel, the same size, the same feel, yet a little diffrent.

This match was born while I worked on a custom order. It had to be something with blue enamel. And then I remembered that I had seen nice blue seed beads somewhere. But where it was? Which shop? Which supplier? It turned out that the blues of beads and enamel were exactly the same. Love how these beads melt a little. The colour is even more prettier than in pictures.

For more creative spaces have a peak at Our Creative Spaces page. It's fun!

Monday moodboard - sea

Monday, 4 July 2011

Hello new week!

The little sailor, nautical marine inspired necklace by lePetitFoyer
Toy necklace Emilia goes to the beach by krize
Natural Baltic amber beads by amber4you
The lighthouse (nostalgic childhood memories) by magalerie

Monday moodboard is a collection of beauties made by European Street Team members. To see more moodboards and to play along hop over to Star of the East. It's fun!

Pink cloud necklace

Saturday, 2 July 2011

A while ago I showed you my attempts to find the perfect cloud. Now the necklace is ready to be listed in my shop.

I remember one summer morning when when I was a little late for work. Warm summer rain was washing the paved streets and I almost run into a street musician who was hiding in a doorway playing his trumpet. The sound of Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head echoed the half empty streets and seemed to fill the whole city. A perfect moment - the sound of rain and music, the people hiding from the rain, the warm humid air...

This necklace was inspired by that moment. Light, simple and warm. Four small clear teardrop beads dangle below the copper cloud with several layers of transparent and white enamels that have fused into smooth speckled coating. Small and delicate - the cloud is just 4 cm (less than 2 inches) long.

Listing today.

Enjoy your weekend!