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Thursday, 7 July 2011

It's again about beads, enamels and colours.

I've run out of my beads for Belle necklace and while I'm stocking up (with the right red!) it's time for the limited edition - with faceted ones. The same shade as previous beads, the same shade as enamel, the same size, the same feel, yet a little diffrent.

This match was born while I worked on a custom order. It had to be something with blue enamel. And then I remembered that I had seen nice blue seed beads somewhere. But where it was? Which shop? Which supplier? It turned out that the blues of beads and enamel were exactly the same. Love how these beads melt a little. The colour is even more prettier than in pictures.

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  1. pretty, and such a fluke with the matching blues.

  2. One of the life's mysterious ways that eventually lead to pretty good outcome :)