Shop update on Friday

Friday, 8 July 2011

Before I sign off for the weekend here are the finished pieces from yesterday. Lovely Night earrings with lots of blue enamel and blue seed beads. Sprinkled with white and transparent enamel for more dimension. Notice the thin line of darker blue where the beads have fused into enamel. As somebody who has more experience with 2D arts I'm quite thrilled by this 3D result. Made similar pair as a custom order. And liked them too much not to put one pair in my shop.

Here's the limited edition of Belle necklace. Scarlet red polka dots on white enamel are the same as before. The bead is different. Limited edition as there are only a few faceted beads like that in my stock. Listing tonight.

And now I'll go and pick some cherries.

Happy weekend!

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