Monday moodboard - quiet

Monday, 23 August 2010

Hello Monday!

Pebble post earrings by LAccentNou
Mini dress with cowl neck in dark olive, gray, yellow and black by ThongbaiTatong
Segment ring by lilarubyking
Olive branch decorative garland olive wood stamp by ahueofduckeggblue

Monday moodboard is a collection of beauties made by European Street Team members. To see more moodboards and to play along hop over to fleurfatale. It's fun!

Have a great week whatever your plans are!


  1. Lovely to see my new dress featured here. Thanks so much.

    WIshing you a lovely Monday and a happy week ahead.

    - Bai

  2. i love this mood!
    I love all items: good!

    lovely week!

  3. Love this - so peaceful

  4. oh this is stunning Beautiful and
    it calms me,
    just what I needed!!!

  5. Wonderful quiet...
    wish you a great week...

  6. gosh! what a wonderful combo! I'm very honored to be between this stunning dress by ThongbaiTatong and amazing jewelry by Lilarubyking! Thank you so much, Rasa!