Turquoise heart

Friday, 9 December 2011

Before I sign off for the weekend let me show you my newest creation. Small pierced dots that have lined up in the shape of a heart. Domed 1 inch (2.5cm) copper disc and layers of opaque and transparent enamels that have fused to a smooth warm turquoise glass coating.

Delicate antiqued copper chain. Simple and romantic. I can imagine this layered with other necklaces or chains.

Listing in a short while.

Happy weekend!


  1. Totally adorable! I think they are perfect for Valentine's Day next year! I just started preparing for it too :)

    ♥ Alice

  2. Thanks girls!

    And you are right, I'm already thinking about Valentine's Day and spring :)

  3. This is SO GREAT! I love it...so simple, but definitely very different. Well done :)