Musings on my third etsyversary

Thursday, 1 December 2011

I've decided to make it a tradition and look back at the year that has passed. Just like I did on my second etsyversary. Time flies, doesn't it?

This has been the first year I've focused only on enameled jewelry. Like for many people who have been involved in arts and crafts for the most of their lives it was a little difficult for me at first to find that one particular area to put my creative energies into. Now I've found my creative outlet and it has become more and more rewarding in many ways.

Having an Etsy shop has never been just about selling. I love the creative journey and stories to be told and heard. Like The Pink Cloud Necklace which was inspired by one rainy summer morning in the old town of Rīga. The finished piece turned out almost too lovely for my taste, but it has become my best selling item. It has been featured in numerous treasuries and has received more than 1000 hearts on Etsy. The number is pretty exciting, isn't it? And I love the stories my customers have shared with me about the meaning of clouds or one particular cloud in their lives. This has also made me think a lot about the boundaries. It does make sense to be too lovely sometimes. Or too cute. Or too crazy. Or too... (insert any word here).

As for the plans I mentioned last year:
  • focus on marketing (yeap, done that; some things worked better, some not),
  • write in Latvian (yeap, but I'm having a huge writers block at the moment),
  • try to make my enamel look more Latvian (working on that, it's a long term goal actually),
  • and create, create, create (it's an evergoing process, isn't it?)

What's up next?

My plans involve trying out new techniques. Etching is the first on the list. I've invested quite a lot in new tools and studio equipment lately, so the playground is set up and most likely will lead to new designs. I intend to enjoy crafting. A lot. And that means both - a lot of fun and a lot of crafting.

Thank you for being arround and spending time with me! I'm honoured to be in your company on this journey!


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