Take me to Munamägi!

Monday, 26 September 2011

This is what Latvians do. They go to Munamägi. Now and then. Often. About once a year like me. The proportion of cars with Latvian number plates in the parking slot was 6 out of 8 yesterday afternoon. That's quite common sight. You can even buy the entrance tickets for the observation tower with Latvian currency there.

Actually it's called Suur (Big) Munamägi and it's located in Estonia. It's the highest point in the Baltic States - 318m (1043 feet) above the sea level. The pictures are taken form the top of the observation tower.

The beauty of the landscape, the closeness to Latvia and 30 years old extremely popular Latvian movie do the trick. A place to fall in love with.

Have a wonderful week!

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