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Thursday, 26 May 2011

Last week I wrote how blossoming apple trees have inspired me to create a new pair of earrings. Well, it didn't happened as planned, because the pale yellow beads turned white after I heated them with the torch. Oh no! What now? I decided to continue and add more pink hoping that this little enameled piece still may turn into something or in the worst case - it lands in the box with my test pieces.

So here it is. I like how the enamels turned out, but as for beads... I think I already figured out how this unexpected turn could lead to something new. Just need some opaque purple, plum, grape or dark pink beads instead of white. What do you think?

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  1. I just love this colorrange ! It came out perfectly to me.

  2. i think it is delightful, i'd be happy to wear it, so simple and pretty.

  3. Maybe it dosn't look like that in the photo, but the beads are a little grayish. If they were whiter...

    The perfectionist in me says - it's too pale!

  4. I think they are beautiful. Your picture really stood out to me. I reckon its gorgeous as it is.