Etsians from Latvia

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

4th of May we celebrate the renewal of our independence and this is a great reason to window shop locally today. Here's a little eclectic collection from Latvia for you to enjoy.

Too sweet not to include here. Red earrings with white bear by fineDollyLolly:

I love the story this picture tells. Fine art photograph - Black swan baby 8x8 by gintta:

Striped table? I have soft spot for that. Pure linen napkins, placemats, set of 4, orange stripes by magdalinenHome:

A touch of sweet nostalgia. When I was little I thought that almost every home had cups similar to these. Maybe it was just a coincidence. Four vintage porcelain cups (made in Riga Porcelain Factory) from sovietvintage:

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  1. I love the swan print! Stunning! Love the tea cups too - great finds!