Spring flowers

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

This is the coldest week this winter. Frosty mornings with white columns of smoke over chimneys, blue skies, lots of sunshine and everything covered with white sparkling snow. There's something magical about it. Have you noticed that people become nicer to each other in such coarse weather?

Nevertheless my heart craves for spring and flowers. Here's a small collection found on Etsy. Happy window shopping!

Dafodill yellows handfelted pom pom fivesome floral arrangement by berryisland:

Cornflower - papercut greeting card - 4x6 inches by MimimiCards:

DIY set of 12 pretty hand made hearts for pendants, mosaics or magnets by MissPottery:

Pale yellow. Lavender sachet. Silk Ribbon embroidery by bstudio:


  1. beautiful finds that put a smile on my face !

  2. starting to feel like Spring!! Great finds!

  3. I crave spring too, oh to see a bit of colour! Thank you for including my sachet amongst these delightful finds!

  4. Lovely! I love the card and the hearts!!

  5. No spring in sight over here yet, so I just needed this little spot of spring in my blog :)