Fragile beauty

Friday, 25 February 2011

My camera isn't fixed yet, so I browsed through some older photos and ended up with these. A little surprised how many of them I've taken. When you think about cliffs you think about something lasting and stable, however this sandstone is delicate and ever changing. River, rain, ice, trees, moss, human hand. So many traces, so many destructive powers. Fragile beauty and great inspiration I can't stop taking pictures of.

Ērgļu cliffs near Cēsis in spring 2008

The same spot Christmas 2009

Could be Ērgļu cliffs in 2007

Gūtmaņa cave in Sigulda 2010

Somewhere in Sigulda 2010

Skaņaiskalns in Mazsalaca 2008

Happy weekend!


  1. Stunning pics! I love seeing the difference in the seasons in the top 2 photos

  2. There is something tempting about visiting some places in different seasons and seeing the change :)