Sunday, 14 June 2009

Sundays are my creative days. At the moment I'm working on my new project (intended for the Etsy shop as well), but I think I just overdid it today. Arrgh! So I'm keeping my hands off it and letting the whole thing to rest a little. Perhaps I still can save it. Stay tuned! And here is my favourite distraction - a new treasury. This time I was sneaking in some of your Etsy shops, dear blog readers. If you have an Etsy shop at all, of course. Thank you for spending time with me!

Featured shops: ZsBcreations, BlueshineBaby, GlazedOver, Evrydiki, janeheller, namolio, ArtGarden, VividTexture, ikabags, UnderGlass, Kecky, HauteWhimsy


  1. gorgeous treasury, beautiful items!
    i'm now curious to see what you are working on..

  2. Ahh! I was just thumbing through my blog list and saw my sunflower peeking out at me on your blog, Rasa! Well that was a thrill! Love your blog, love your treasury eye.

  3. Hi
    I saw today :)
    Thanks really awesome list with your eyes !