Museum night

Saturday, 16 May 2009

Are you going to visit museums tonight? That's the night when museums are open until midnight or so. The city is humming from people moving from one museum to another and taking part in different events. Which museums are on your list? Cinema museum is on mine like every year, but there are so many other intriguing places to visit tonight. Just have to choose!

As for cinema, there is also one Latvian film taking part in the film festival in Cannes. It's the short film Silence by Laila Pakalni┼ća. The title of it was inspiration for my treasury, however the items included have nothing to do with the film. Just another interpretation of silence:

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  1. Museum night sounds wonderful! I miss that part of living in a city, and it makes me want to travel. Your treasury is lovely.

  2. Thanks! Museum night is really nice, although perhaps no the best time to enjoy the exhibitions - they can be too crowded.