Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Today begins the film festival in Cannes, so let's talk about cinema. Can't imagine how would I survive without it. Many thanks to Lumiere brothers for their wonderful invention! I'm a frequent cinema goer and have very long list of favourites including Tim Burton's Ed Wood, Michel Gondry's Science of Sleep, Kim Ki Duk's 3-iron. Would always watch films by Lasse Halstrem and Jim Jarmusch. I'm into cinema history. Love watching old stuff. Should I name more films? Donnie Darko, Vertigo, Piano, Lars and the Real Girl, Match Point are just few that come to my mind.

I'd love to hear about your favourites!

And here is Cannes inspired treasury:

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  1. I love movies too! However, I havent had time to follow much of this year's film. The treasury theme that you have is totally fantastic! Great!

  2. great treasury! I love cinema, but haven't seen as many movies in recent years. The first time I saw Vertigo, I was mesmerized. I am always captivated by Rear Window. Science of Sleep is hypnotic. How about Life is Beautiful?

  3. Life is Beautiful is an amazing film. Love it too!