No cure

Sunday, 15 February 2009

This morning I wanted to check what's going on Etsy, but it happened to be the exact moment when Treasury West opened. I just couldn't resist and had to grab it, so I typed the first title what came to my mind and was off to browse the listings. Meanwhile my Swan lake treasury made to the Front page! Yay! I didn't saw this, because I was too occupied with making the new one. Hope somebody has the screenshot. Sunday mornings are good mornings for my treasuries.

Featured shops: oktak, Ulaa, dollyknits, Atmosphera, kjerstenhayes, littlemoandfriends, Ureshii, GourmetPlay, FerragamoStudio, UrbanTurn, kpglassjewelry1, fleurfatale


  1. Congrats on snagging your treasuries! I love the colors you used ^___^

  2. HOw do you get all those treasuries?
    Love your felt creations...wanna add me to one of your Treasuries??? lol...
    I'm off to check out the earings in your posting above.
    Have a great Tuesday!

  3. Thanks! Can't promise a place in next one, but perhaps someday... Just have to wait for the right theme. Have a great Tuesday too!