Mine and not mine

Sunday, 1 February 2009

Good photography (would cover all walls)
Cups and bowls (would cover all tables and fill all cupboards)
Glass and ceramics (because of endless variations and fragility)
Weather worn wood (love that texture and color)
Hats and head wraps (would wear night and day)
Pure minimalistic shapes (less is more)
Words (written and spoken)
Notebooks and journals (would write them full)
Soft materials (to touch and cuddle)
Materials that usually don't go together (just for fun)

Not quite mine
Fur and leather (love animals too much)
Yellow and black (give me yellow and gray instead)
Mint color (it's just not mine)
Bracelets and anklets (love them, but don't wear)
Edges (give me something rounded and soft)

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