For the love of copper

Friday, 15 February 2013

I discovered copper only when I begun to enamel. I didn't have any copper jewelry before, because I'm allergic to some metals and thought copper to be one of them. I was wrong. Now I do wear copper and I love working with it.

Those butterscotch bell flowers looked so pale and boring until they found their spot on the green enamel discs. I was mixing opaque and transparent enamels and ended up with this trendy emerald or malachite green. It was perfect match for copper.

How about even more copperish look? Paired with dark bronze glass beads.

Oh, that color!

Malachite was one of my favourite stones long before I knew its scientific name is copper carbonate hydroxide. I guess it's because I was so impressed after visiting the famous malachite room in Hermitage as a kid.

It was pure delight to create these earrings. Both pairs are already available in my shop - here and here.

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