Twine for gift wrapping

Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Remember this post from last week? The tutorial is ready. A fun and quick way to create twine for your gift wrapping.

Here's what you'll need - yarn (two ply works the best), beads (I'm using glass seed beads), scissors, cotton thread (any thin thread) and a pebble.

Cut two pieces of yarn in necessary length. Make a knot and put it under the pebble or some other weight.

Use both hands and twist the ends of the yarn in direction of spinning making it tighter. At the same time interchange both threads in an opposite direction. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. If the direction is right the yarn will spin together.

You can decorate the twine with beads. Thin cotton thread is of great help here.

Keep twisting the yarn until you get the twine in desired length.

Here's the result. I made several pieces - some with beads and some like bakers twine.

If you trying this out, please, share the result. I'd love to see yours turns out. Happy crafting!

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