My creative space

Thursday, 27 May 2010

Today my creative space post comes late in the afternoon. And there is only one reason - the whole day I was creating, creating, creating! Coin and pill both were part of the process. I've been playing with enamels recently and thought about creating something inspired by those beautiful white plates with blue lining my grandmother once had.

The disc with white enamel comes under the pill. The coin just makes the lifting easier. Here's the result:

To play along and see who else is playing this week visit Kirsty.

P.S. My recent obsession with drawing has a lot to do with enameling. It has made my creative juices flowing and resulted in tons of new ideas. Hope you had a creative day too.


  1. Ah wow,
    to see this process,
    is so interesting,
    did not know you do them like that,
    thanks for sharing!!!

  2. And I forgot to mention my new best friend - the torch which also takes part :)