Weekend in a nutshell

Monday, 14 September 2009

Hello Monday!

It was very busy weekend with White Night and many contemporary cultural projects. I love when art and artists leave traditional spaces and explore new terrains like empty shops that have been closed due to financial downturn. Harsh times bring new opportunities, don't they? With so many different events the White Night was not to be missed!

It was also an exciting weekend on Etsy. Birdcatchers' treasury made to the front page yesterday. Hooray! Many thanks to Etsy admin!

And it was also very creative weekend. The current European Street team challenge is hosted by Rita (a.k.a. alatvian and alatceramics) and for the whole week I've been pondering on her theme - old school. Here's my entry at last - The night is young necklace:

To see more entries go to Rita's blog.

And don't forget to visit me on this blog tomorrow - I've some exciting news!


  1. would like to hear more about White Night....please

  2. White Night is an annual festival of contemporary culture - art, music, theatre etc. Here is the link to programme and history (unfortunately not everything is in English): http://www.baltanakts.lv/2009/en/