Treasury time

Saturday, 21 March 2009

What can a girl do after feeling quite miserable for the most part of the week? This is what I did to forget my sore throat and running nose:

Featured shops: Trush, mariterecr, smabla, LittleMsBoutique, yellowfield7, pilotdesign, blissfulimages, diasyflores, SiMakery, JDWolfePottery, hotellemotelle, craftyfolk

And here's lovely black and white treasury by Alona from her amazing little shop - one of my favourite Etsy shops by the way! I'm really fond of her ceramic jewelry and magnets. Thank you for including my small white flower brooch!

Recently I saw someone asking people in Etsy forums, why they make treasuries. What would be my answer? I love to discover new shops and new artists. Someone I'd like to buy some things from, but mostly because of creativity, ideas and inspiration. Yes, inspiration is the key! It's also fun and it's a challenge as well. Putting different items together can be both. And of course making treasuries is a great way to thank nice Etsy people.

1 comment:

  1. inspiration, great design, wonderful colors, thankfulness, the fun of meeting people online--that's what it's all about. (And maybe along the way, we get to sell something, too...)
    great choices!